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Brad Baker's Profile

Brad Baker

Customers rated Brad Baker 5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews

how about some naughty things?:D just visit me and be free!
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my planning

Jun 20th @ 7:13am EDT

hello everyone!:D
just wanna share with u what im gotta planning soon!
u must follow to my social media definitely. Coz there i will post a lot of pics of all my life. Gym, shower, walking, coffee, entertainment all things what i have in my life lol
soon i will create a lot of video about me, my best moves. Dont miss that!
and yeah join to my fan club. More interesting things will be there too:P
Have a nice day and enjoy!:D kiss


Apr 23rd @ 6:50am EDT

I went to my page here. I checked the sections on my page. I saw that I have no videos ... this fact made me think. Wait for passionate and funny videos. I will add them necessarily. It will be soon!! Also do not forget to join me in social media (twitter and instagram). There, too, you can find a lot of interesting things. For those who are in the tank lol My twitter - @brad_baker My insta - bakerr.brad! Who wants a gift - free minutes in private with me? when subscribing to my social media write your nickname - I give 5 free minutes to all new subscribers!

My Blog - My Life - My Show #blowing

Mar 28th @ 3:41am EDT

Hola guys! sup my naughty men! My blog continues its life only for my fans;)) I will leave my stories on my fan club page on Flirt4Free. Stories, life stories, my news, jokes that I heard, my plans, upcoming shows - all this will be posted on my blog at my fan club! For general content, I will leave some notes and some things from life that will help others who are not familiar with me â€" to get me closer!)) Cheers my hot studs! And have a nice day;)

A little sadness or how i make my plans -haha

Mar 14th @ 1:06pm EDT

Hello! I want to share my thoughts about the mood. Here I sit ... more precisely, I lie in front of the monitor, but I don’t have a mood to jerk off. I went through all the thought, all the pictures from my life - lol bed life, but the desire to masturbate did not appear ...
I begin to understand that this may be a stagnation. Because I have not had sex for more than 4 days. I have not jerked off for the 3rd day.
I worry about my balls lol how they feel
I was always wondering who how many times jerking or having sex a week. In other words, lets your balls breathe - haha!
It seems to me that problems may arise if our balls hold their breath for hehe for so long. I have not heard a single doctor that jerking or having sex is harmful ... so I want to go to the figure - having sex every day! So that I could feel someone's hole on my penis. Just to make my little hole feel comfortable every day ... so that there is no lack of attention hehe
I'm starting to think about the next sex, the next male hole on my dick ... and looking for a dick to whom I will allow to stretch myself!

my mistake...

Feb 28th @ 6:25pm EST

I think now that I can tell you ... after my last time I had fun with the couple, where the girl and the guy eagerly fought for my cock hehe it certainly had vivid emotions. But I want to tell you now how much one guy aroused me. With whom I imagined how we both tumble in bed and his cock strokes my thighs, this hot and throbbing member passes between my buttocks. I walked around the mall with friends (friends with whom I usually walk at parties and drink a lot) and accidentally come across hands with a guy, he was with another guy. I apologized because I was wrong because I was outraged with my friends. I turned around and I saw his buttocks ... they were so sweet rubbing together mmmm. As I recall, all the time I want to bite my lower lip. After this incident, we met again on the same day, but already near the entrance to the mall ... we crossed eyes and looked at it for a long time. He did not want to look away, and I began to smile because I was embarrassed. When he left, he looked at me again. And here I realized that he didn’t just keep his sight on me ... one moment for which I bite my elbows, I don’t know how to contact him now, there’s neither his phone nor twitter there is nothing at all. Just me and my fantasy lol
I hope only to see him again. But just stand and silently look at him, I will not ...

the story of how I fucked the guy's girlfriend and finished the guy's face

Feb 24th @ 1:46pm EST

and so, I will tell you about a couple I met. Where the girl gave me the phone number and there was an offer to come to her and her boyfriend. The guy had to give me a blowjob ... remember ?? that's what happened. Last night I was with them. That's where I got the cool emotions. This pair is super. We agreed to meet again. How it was. I wrote to her first because I was a little shy to call. We agreed on yesterday evening, so I drove up to them. There was no need to take anything, they have everything. I arrived closer to 10 o'clock in the evening. The girl took the initiative in the conversation. I immediately knew who their boss was. I behaved naturally, because I definitely knew what they wanted and what I want. We did not speak for long. Because she immediately told her boyfriend in an orderly tone to take off my pants. He took my dick in his mouth. He knew how to do it. I realized that this is not his first blowjob. The girl was a little surprised at the size of my penis, but immediately pulled herself together. The guy could not take it completely as he did not try, because he also did not try to see this size. I closed my eyes and began to enjoy. I moaned and did not bind myself in this, because I knew what it could lead to. Opening my eyes, I saw a boy and a girl sucking my dick together. These were bright emotions. They so eagerly grabbed it. There was a moment when they almost fought for my dick haha. In the end, I was still able to fuck a girl and finish the guy on the face. What did you think that I would not be able to do this? Noooo, I could it

story from the life of a bisexual(1)

Feb 19th @ 6:29am EST

I sat yesterday, drank coffee and thought. I watched and thought. Watched people. How many girls and guys passed. How many sweet asses and bulges. Good to be bisexual. If you refused one, switched to another guy or another girl. How much they caught me with their eyes otsalnye. Mmmmmm, these thoughts excited me and I was going to go to the toilet ... you won’t believe it, I was going, crossed with one look. Sat girl and looked at me. She sat with her boyfriend. She winked at me and turned away. I smiled back and left. I left to jerk off in the toilet, because so many sweet thoughts in my head went. I went into the booth, jerked off and a girl stood next to the toilet cubicle and smiled. That same girl. She handed me a piece of paper with a phone number and knocked over "cool moaning ... I want to hear it when my boyfriend sucks you while I watch it. If I like it, I will allow to touch myself" Guys, I turned red ... but it turned me on again. And yes, I answered her "of course, I will write tonight" and we agreed that I would offer them the day after tomorrow ... I am greatly overexcited by this situation. I'll tell you after what happened

Life is so bright with bisexual eyes

Feb 15th @ 11:33am EST

I used to write in my blog about my experience with men. As the first time tasted a dick of the mouth. As for the first time big dick was inside me, between my cheeks. Now I want to share with you about the situations that happened to me. How other guys and girls pick me up. It is written in my bio that I am bisexual. So do not swear much lol. I'll tell you how I stretched the sweet and narrow holes of guys, as their cheeks squeezed my hard cock. How to stretch the ass girls, as was group sex with gays and lesbians at the same time. Will be many interesting things. This column will contain many interesting stories than the previous one. I promise! Also, I will be grateful to everyone for feedback, criticism, various feedback

My first thoughts about my first dick in my mouth and ass

Feb 6th @ 4:34am EST

Today I recalled the moments when I tried the male dick for the first time ... I was drawn by curiosity and the desire to try this sweet fruit. Strong and sweet. When I tried it first in the mouth, then in my ass ... when it pulled my virgin hole, its hurt, I agree ... but the pleasure that followed was worth it to endure first. What I want to tell you. Don't be ashamed of your desires or be afraid that it will hurt! need to try! open your mind! If you want, but scary ... you need to do! Better to do and regret than regret not doing.

what about my first hard dick between my cheeks?

Jan 27th @ 9:40pm EST

Having visited the site, I wanted to attract the attention of some decent man, I generally like to be in the center of attention, put three of my best photos on the site, on the first photo my face, on the second torso, and on the third butt. Indicated in the profile that I passive. Among all this mass, I corresponded with the uncle, he was pleasant enough to communicate, but he even had no photos in his profile. According to the results. We made an appointment. Wrote to me that will call for me in the car. Exchanged phone numbers. Came, took me. On the way, nice talked. His wife called, he answered. We arrived at the destination. Order tone told me to undress. The result you know what. He also paid me a little ... this is the first time, it was painful but pleasant at the same time

mi first sucking

Jan 26th @ 6:28pm EST

I have always enjoyed walking alone, wandering in parks and fishing lines. Once again, while walking along a forest belt on the outskirts of a megacity, I decided to take a break on a fallen tree, drink some stored beer in spring, but already a hot day. Having gone quite far into the depths of the fishing line, I did not leave confidence in complete solitude, so without a bit of shame I opened the "bluesystem" and stroked my member, watching photos and chatting with new friends. Having lost the sense of time, I did not notice how it began to darken. Just as imperceptibly, I unbuttoned my jeans and slowly added up. The site distracted me from what was happening around and completely unnoticed among the trees appeared an elderly mushroom picker. Man looks about 60 yo. and as you understood, something happened that should have happened hehe

MY FIRST EXPERIENCE "play with ass"

Jan 25th @ 11:02pm EST

My first thoughts about male dicks. I was less than 18 years old ... I had a girlfriend. But even then I was excited by the thoughts about the hard-cocks in my mouth. The first attempt to shove something inside, I was 14 years old. Then I started to like it. First I inserted one finger each when I was jerking off. And it excited me even more and I cum faster ... this is the first acquaintance with prostate massage. It was in the shower when I decided to jerk off and play with my fingers in my ass. If anyone is interested, I can make a video of how I jerk off and play with my ass fingers if u want of course guys... :P

my first experience with boys and men

Jan 25th @ 9:37pm EST

Hello again. I'm starting to blog again about my experience with guys. How it all began. How my interest in male bulges was born. As the first time I tried to taste a member on my lips, on the tip of the tongue. How licked. As my butt shrank at the slightest hint of a man's dicks. I will share with my thoughts, plans that I want to try. About my fantasies will share. Follow me here and on twitter too @Brad_Bakerr

The power of smile)

Nov 6th @ 2:06pm EST

I was reading Dale Carnegie couple days ago. Decided that the next day I will begin with a smile on my face. In the first half of the day i smiled diligently,as I could . At lunch my boss approached me and said:
- Once again you smoke and will be high at work-you will be fired!

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